Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Three cheers for brave Jubilee crew member

Three cheers for crew member, John Brodie. My first solo trip as Boatmaster was disrupted just as we were about to leave the Wharf.

Three Newbury yobs were brutally attacking an elderly angler just in front of us. John charged in without a moment’s hesitation. Chased off two of them, and grappled with the third to perform a citizen’s arrest. No mean feat whilst wearing a lifejacket!

He held him until the police arrived which was thankfully prompt as we had a boat full of passengers and I needed my crew member back! John subsequently received a letter of commendation from the police area commander.

The local anglers were so pleased that John’s been made a senior bailiff.

The victim was badly cut and bruised but is OK. The perpetrator is due for sentencing next month.

Rob Dean
Chairman & Treasurer
Newbury Branch
Kennet & Avon Canal Trust

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