Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Trust Council Minutes for September 2013

Trust Council met on 3rd September.   VP John Webb and Ian Herve presented Bath & Bristol branch's proposal for a project to improve the entrance to the canal at Thimble Mill in Bath.  Trust Council supported the project and approved expenditure for materials for this important volunteer led project.

Trust Council also noted with pleasure that Amy Whitewick had agreed to continue as editor of the Butty which Council had now agreed would be produced in printed form twice a year.

A cost of living pay increase was agreed for Trust staff and Council asked Richard Selvidge to design a staff appraisal system.

Council noted that the CRT Waterways Partnership was consulting on a mooring plan for the western K&A.  It agreed that members were to be encouraged to respond.

The July management accounts were also scrutinised. The 4 trip boats were performing very well.

The minutes of the meeting are available HERE.

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