Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Trust Council met on 13th January.  The meeting reviewed spending, cash flow and budget commitments for 2015.  Treasurer Tony Nares advised that the Trust was unlikely to need to use its overdraft facility this winter.

The Charity Commission had rejected the revised charitable objects agreed at the AGM last May.  Trust Council approved a redraft that captured the same principles but expressed them within the rather restrictive terms required by the Charity Commission.  These have now been resubmitted to the Commission ahead of placing the draft before members at the next AGM in May this year.

Minutes of the meeting are available HERE

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Trust Council minutes for December 2014

There being limited business to discuss, Trust Council convened by email in early December 2014.  A note covering the issues reported and comments made is available HERE.

Trust Council Minutes for November 2014

Trust Council met on 4th November 214.  The minutes of the meeting are available HERE