Monday, 31 October 2011

Lantern Parade Workshop

The lantern parade making workshop is Friday 18th November at 7:00 PM. The lanterns that are made will stay at the Trust as this will help to decorate our Santa grotto. There are only 15 places left. If you are interested please call Becky Wells at the trust office on: 01380 721279.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Volunteers Needed

We looking for an adult volunteer to help a small group, to clear vegetation and fill pot holes on the towpath between Coate Bridge & Brickham Bridge, in Devizes.
This small project is part of the DCAP transport group's action, to increase cycling in Devizes by identifying & improving, safe cycle paths in the town.
Rob Labus, BW Volunteer leader, is coordinating the work & BW are providing the materials.
We would like to do this in November, this year, preferably on the most convenient Wednesday mornings, for the group.

If you are interested, please call the Trust office on: 01380 721279

Monday, 17 October 2011

Join the Big Point in!

You may have heard by now that we are not moving out of our Wharf HQ and will remain into the foreseeable future. We have to solve 4 major problems:

2.Gutters etc to stop water pouring down the wall and into the building.
3.Re pointing the rear stone wall.
4. Floor loadings etc. in the museum.

The first is already in hand – the plumbers are working now! The remainder are to be dealt with and we need your help. It is hoped that the gutters will be the next urgent repair, and then the big job is the rear wall and that’s where you can help.
We are appealing to our members including those who may already be part of the Branch working groups to join the BIG POINT IN.

This is to be organised over one weekend with the object of getting the whole wall repaired (stone acquired) and pointed from end to end in one big effort. If you feel able to help in actually pointing, mixing, labouring, etc particularly if you have some experience please contact:-
David Lamb: 01380 721562
with details of what you can do.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New guidance for continuous cruisers

12th Oct 2011

British Waterways is today publishing updated, more concise mooring guidance for boats without a home mooring.

The existing 2004 ‘mooring guidance for continuous cruisers’ has been refined to be more easily understood and to reflect the Judgment in the case of British Waterways v Davies, in which the Court found that moving up and down within a 10 mile stretch of the Kennet & Avon Canal with no home mooring did not amount to bona fide navigation.

Bona fide navigation

British Waterways has drafted updated guidance, following professional legal advice, including from Leading Counsel, and also sought input from national boating organisations.

In particular the new, shorter, guidance explains what is meant by bona fide navigation and seeks to clarify the nature of the movement that must take place.

Sally Ash, head of boating at British Waterways, said; “The existing guidance needed updating in light of the increasing number of boats without a home mooring and to reflect the Judgment in the case of British Waterways v Davies, which was heard in Bristol County Court.
Input from boaters

“We welcome genuine continuous cruising on our canals and rivers and very much hope that the refined guidance will remove much of the confusion and ambiguity around this subject. Importantly, we’ve actively sought the views of leading organisations within the boating community and the National Association of Boat Owners in particular made several constructive suggestions which we have been pleased to incorporate.

The guidance is a schedule of the licence terms and conditions which have been updated accordingly. It can also be found at For those without internet access, paper copies are available by calling BW Customer Services on 01923 201120.

Extract from

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Exciting news! At a recent Newbury Branch committee meeting we agreed that, after a break this year, the Newbury Waterways Festival will take place in 2012. Boats will start assembling from 20th July and the main Festival day will be on Sunday 22nd July when we open to the public. There will be stalls, entertainment, a wonderful display of decorated boats and, of course, the ever popular Duck Race. There is a lot of planning to do yet so further details to follow. Please put the date in your diary now!

Julie Dean