Friday, 29 October 2010

Latest Stoppages

Crofton Locks 55 to 60

Friday 29 October 2010 - Saturday 30 October 2010
Crofton Flight Locks 55 to 60 is closed to boat traffic on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October 2010.
This is due to severe low water levels in the area. The Wilton water supply for the K&A canal is now exhausted.
Should levels recover sufficiently by Sunday 31st October, the locks will be opened to allow traffic to pass before the winter stoppage programme begins at locks 51 to 54 on the 1st November.
British Waterways wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Enquiries: 01380 722859


Lock 50 Devizes

Friday 29 October 2010 - Friday 29 October 2010
Due to extremely low levels, there is restricted passage through the Caen Hill Flight today.
Craft are asked to double up through the locks.
Single boats will be allowed through on the hour, every hour, with the last passage at 3pm.
British waterways apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Enquiries: 01380 722859

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Towpath Tidy, 13th November Help Requested


We plan to do another boaters' towpath and water clean-up between Bath and Bradford on Avon on Saturday 13th November. We have a work boat (Ishtar) available that day. We need some people to help organise it. Please get back to me if you want to help, and let me know if you can get to the Canal Tavern on Monday 1st November at 8pm so we can make some plans and divvy up the organising tasks.

The last clean-up we did went well, and this one will be easier - less vegetation to hide the rubbish, and no sunstroke. As before, all are welcome to take part.


Friday, 22 October 2010

Stoppage Updates

Crofton flight

Thursday 16 September 2010 - Thursday 21 October 2010

Stoppage history:
UPDATE (21 October 2010):

The length between Crofton Crossing Lock 61, and Crofton Lock 55 will be shut between the hours of 16.30pm to 09.00 am.
This will help to save water and allow the pumps to replenish supplies. Please ensure you have One and a half hours to Two hours to clear the flight before entering.
This restriciton has now been lifted
Enquiries: 01380 722859


Crofton flight

Thursday 16 September 2010 - Thursday 21 October 2010

Stoppage history:
UPDATE (21 October 2010):

The length between Crofton Crossing Lock 61, and Crofton Lock 55 will be shut between the hours of 16.30pm to 09.00 am.
This will help to save water and allow the pumps to replenish supplies. Please ensure you have One and a half hours to Two hours to clear the flight before entering.
This restriciton has now been lifted
Enquiries: 01380 722859



Sunday 19 September 2010 - Thursday 21 October 2010

Stoppage history:
UPDATE (21 October 2010):

Due to very low water levels in the area. Locks 64 to 67 will operate under restricted opening hours 9.00am to 4.30pm until further notice.
Please help to conserve water by sharing locks.
This restriction has now been lifted
Enquiries: 01380 722859


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Seend Locks Update

Seend Locks have now re-opened and the pumps are fixed. Waterscape will be updated on Monday.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Seend Locks 17 to 21

Seend Locks 17 to 21

Friday 15 October 2010 until further notice
Seend Lock Flight (Lock 17 to 20) will be closed from 1600hrs on Friday 15 October 2010 in order to undertake essential repairs to the Seend Pumping Main.

Work is in progress to repair the pipeline. An update will be posted on Waterscape on Monday 18th October 2010, advising when the canal is expected to reopen.

The locks must remain closed for the duration of the works in order to prevent upstream pounds from draining.

Enquiries: 01380 722859 / 0800 4799947

Thursday, 14 October 2010


British Waterways welcomes the UK Government’s announcement today (14/10/10) of its intention to transfer British Waterways’ inland waterways in England and Wales into a new charitable body. The move, promoted by British Waterways for the last 18 months, will be the biggest shake up of the waterways since nationalisation in 1948. It will attract new investment, secure jobs and give the public greater involvement in the running of Wiltshire and Berkshire’s local canals and rivers.

The announcement by the Cabinet Office that British Waterways will be replaced with a new civil society body builds on recommendations by British Waterways for the establishment of a ‘national trust’ for the waterways, as waterway minister, Richard Benyon MP, explains:

“Our waterways are a cherished feature of the British landscape and a source of joy to many. Transferring British Waterways from Government to a charitable body will give users of the waterways a greater say in their future management and help to ensure they remain a wonderful part of our natural and cultural heritage of value to society and the economy. This change reflects the confidence we have that the engagement of local communities and interest groups will ensure the success of this transfer to civil society, building on the good work of British Waterways and countless waterways enthusiasts. It’s a great example of Government giving power back to the people.”

Welcoming the announcement, British Waterways’ chairman Tony Hales, said: “This is excellent news and something we have been urging all political parties to support since last year. The waterways have been utterly transformed for the better in the time since British Waterways was established in 1962 and are now used in ways in which their original builders could never have imagined. That transformation has owed much to the enthusiastic staff and stakeholders who love the waterways passionately. Moving the waterways from public ownership into a charitable body recognises the need to build on that enthusiasm and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their 250-year history.”

In the 50 years since British Waterways was established, the waterways have evolved from a moribund industrial transport system into a thriving environmental and leisure resource. British Waterways’ 2,200-mile network of historic canals, rivers and docks is visited by 13 million people a year and now delivers an annual £½ billion in benefits to the nation, from amenity, flood relief and employment to green infrastructure, neighbourhood renewal and wildlife corridors.

Caring for this 250-year old working heritage requires intense management and significant funding, some of which are restricted by British Waterways’ 50-year old governance structures. Last year therefore (May 2009) British Waterways put forward radical proposals for a rethink of how the nation cares for its historic canals and rivers, taking British Waterways out of direct state control and into the third sector.

The Government responded on 21 June 2010 by announcing that it would explore the potential for transferring British Waterways and the Environment Agency’s canals and rivers into a new charitable body as part of a coherent vision for the Government grant-aided inland waterways of England and Wales.

As well as increasing stakeholder and public engagement, moving the waterways into the charitable sector creates greater opportunities to put them on a firmer financial footing. Future funding will come from a combination of: a guaranteed, long-term contract from Government; commercial income (such as receipts from a charity-locked property endowment, boat licences and utilities), and growing charitable income (e.g. donations and legacies).

Allowing for due diligence, the Government intends to have the new body up and running by April 2012. Work will now continue to develop the governance model, funding contract and transitional arrangements of the new body. Defra will further explore whether the Environment Agency’s navigations should be included and will discuss with the Scottish Government the options around the Scottish waterways, which are devolved to Scotland, including their potential inclusion in the new charity. British Waterways will work with Defra officials and waterway stakeholders to ensure good continuity, a smooth transition and a successful launch for the new body.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Can you handle the Media?

Can you handle the media?

Do the words spin, copy, embargo and multi-channel comms mean anything to you?

The Kennet and Avon Canal Trust [KACT] is seeking to recruit a professional to manage publicity, news and information emanating from and relating to the Kennet and Avon Canal throughout its 87-miles length from Bristol to Reading.

The KACT has five objectives:

· support and increase Trust membership, canal volunteering and canal community networking

· protect, maintain and enhance the waterway through positive involvement and partnership with the canal management, local government and others

· protect and enhance the waterway through fund raising, campaigning, funding and resource provision

· protect, enhance and promote the waterway and its story through the Trust museum, pumping stations, shops, boats and branch networks

· raise awareness of the canal and its potential.

You can see that each one of these objectives carries opportunities to create publicity, news and information. In addition, the internal communication needs of the KACT and its thousands of members and its different geographical branches have to be satisfied with timely and concise news, publicity and information services.

Here’s the catch. We’re looking for an unpaid volunteer to join us. While you won’t get paid and there may limited expenses available to support the activities you would need to undertake, you would be joining a fantastic organisation with many rewarding activities, people, infrastructure and events including historic buildings, boats and working steam machinery.

In time, you may be invited to become either a trustee of the KACT charity or a company director of its commercial arm, or even both – but you still won’t get paid for these honours.

Are you an information and news professional who has time on their hands or could devote some of their time to the KACT? With respect we don’t want a well-minded amateur to take on this role, it needs someone with the professional and political savvy needed to navigate the sometimes murky and turbulent waters of news and information management in a high profile and diverse organisation concerned with history, conservation, leisure activities and many, many other facets of its work.

If you are interested in this opportunity would you please send us an up to date CV to before 30th October 2010.

Important Latest News

Members step up to the mark to help lead the Trust forward

At last weeks Trust Council members were pleased to accept Neil Lethby's offer to become Chair of Trust Council until the end of the year, Neil will continue to be Treasurer and Company Secretary so will have plenty of time on his hands!
At the same meeting David Inight was co-opted on to the Trust Council, David is Chair of Bradford on Avon Branch.

Trust Council also approved the appointment of Alan Whitewick as Managing Director of our trading company K&ACT ( Enterprise) Ltd. Alan is Honorary Editor of 'The Butty'. David Inight was appointed as Director of boats. They join Neil Lethby, Mike Rodd and Tim Jones as the Board of Enterprise.

There are vacancies on both the Trust Council and the Board of Directors, if there is anyone who would like to know more about joining one of these bodies then please contact Mike Rodd or any Member of Trust Council for an informal chat. There is a particular need for people with expertise in retail, fund raising and public relations.
Please see attached document relating to communications and public relations.

Autumn Tints

On the 16th, 20th, and 23rd the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust are running a fantastic four hour cruise through the avon valley commencing each of the days at 2pm.
The trip starts from Bradford on Avon on the Barbara McLellan. Terrific value at £10 per person. Cameras at the ready for some wonderful photos of Autumn tints, and please send them in to the Butty, as we would love to publish some of them. Please see attached PDF file for all the information.
Telephone to Book a seat 0800 121 4679

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Charity Auction

Love Canal Books? We've got a special charity auction in aid of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust, with two books written by Clive Hackford. The Books are signed by the author and co-signed by Timothy West.

To find details of how to enter, click here.

Good Luck!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Pump Out Facility Status as of 01/10/10

Tyle Mill – Working correctly

Kintbury – Working correctly

Hungerford – Working Correctly

Gt Bedwyn – Broken – still got an out of order sign on it

Pewsey - Working correctly

Devizes Wharf - Working correctly

Devizes Office - Broken

Seend – Working correctly

Bradford On avon - Working correctly

Dundas - Working correctly

A contractor will be attending the Devizes Office site on Monday 4 October 2010.