Monday, 20 February 2012

From David Inight, Bradford on Avon Branch

As a Branch Chairman and a Trustee I seem to get embroiled in the politics of the Trust's relationship with BW and the finances of the Trust, to the exclusion of the fun side of being a K&ACT volunteer.

The weekend has really brought this home to me in the most pleasant of ways possible. On Saturday lunchtime, I drove to Claverton Pumping Station with my car full of timber for two new benches. The volunteer Team were enjoying there lunch in a warm team room but were soon on their feet, weathercoated and out to my car getting wet, but cheerfully unloading the benches. Incidentally, it was a real experience crossing a railway line in the rain with the end of a bench under my arm and hearing a train whistle!

From Claverton I drove back to Bradford on Avon to join the team giving Barbara Mac her pre season clean through. After half an hour cleaning the toilets ( I was told it is in the job specification for Branch Chairman), I was offered a welcome cuppa and had the chance to chat to the volunteers, who had just finished a very wet morning of vegetation clearing along the canal. Another half an hour on my knees sweeping last seasons biscuits from under the seats and we were stood down . All that remains now is a few more hours of work to be done by the Team before the boat starts here first charter on the 3rd March.

Having received a real solid reminder of what being a K&ACT volunteer is all about, I came a way from the Wharf feeling happy and with a sense of real achievement and satisfaction, if a bit grubby! So a big thank you to all of you I met with on Saturday and here's to a really positive year of giving service to the Canal, the community, the people who use the canal and the K&ACT. But above all lets not forget to enjoy ourselves.