Monday, 28 February 2011

Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre Exhibition

Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre would like to put out an appeal for memorabilia, photographs and stories that members may have relating to the Berks & Wilts Canal, particularly the Chippenham Branch, for an exhibition we will be holding next year.
The exhibition will be in conjunction with the publication of a new book about the 'Chippenham Branch' charting the history of the development of the canal in and around the town.
The town was served by a two mile branch, which left the main line of the Wilts & Berks at Pewsham, just above the locks, and terminated at what is now the bus station, in Timber Street.
The exhibition will run from 9th May until 25th July 2011.
Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre,10 Market Place Chippenham SN15 3HF
Telephone: 01249 705020

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