Friday, 25 February 2011

Avon Vale helps British Waterways

The Avon Vale has been busy in action helping British Waterways inspect the long pound of the Kennet & Avon canal. The Avon Vale also helped move the BW work boat, Kennet II from Hungerford to Wootton Rivers in order for contractors to carry out vital vegetation work on the non towpath side of the long pound.

B/W, K&A canal volunteer leader Rob Labus in the center and left to right, Adrian Softly, John Kirby, Rod Hannah, John Peters, Avon Vale crew.

Below: the Kennet II leaving Hungerford with trust volunteers, John Peters,Rod Hannah, Adrian Softly. on its way to Wooton Rivers.

from left to right, John Ward, David Berasinsky,Howard Wilcox, and Mark Stephens at the end of the two day inspection trip from the Bruce Tunnel to Devizes, courtesy of the K&A canal trust work boat Avon Vale.

from left to right, John Peters Avon Vale crew, John Ward BW, Rod Hannah Avon Vale crew, David Berasinsky BW, Howard Wilcox BW. on the first day of the inspecting trip at, Pewsey Wharf.

David Berasinsky and Howard Wilcox from B/W on board the Avon Vale inspecting Bridge 109 on the long pound.

Images Courtesy of the Avon Vale Team

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