Friday, 18 June 2010

Safety Matters - Safety V Security. Spot the difference!

Safety and security go hand in hand. Both help to keep us free from harm, and both depend on using common sense to protect us.

Take household security; you lock your doors, leave some lights on and tell the neighbours when you go away. It’s common sense, looking ahead, recognising the possibility of burglary and taking precautions to protect yourself.

It’s exactly the same when you tackle a job either at work or at home. When you approach a new task, you need to look ahead and assess the possible risks, then to decide how to avoid them, and how best to protect yourself and others. You take precautions.

So, Safety V Security? No difference! End result; happy householder, undamaged worker!

Just use the same thought process when starting a task as when leaving your home. Take precautions to avoid danger. Call it common sense or call it risk assessment, it’s the same thing!

Top Tip for narrow boaters.

Lock your fore deck cabin door when in crowded areas or when locking or mooring up. A thief could be in and out with your valuables while you’re busy at the helm before you could get to the sharp end to stop him!

Keep safe, keep secure.

Ben Woodman.

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