Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Caption Competition

To celebrate the success of the BBC Radio Wiltshire week, we've come up with a fun caption competition. See if you can come up with a humorous caption for the photo below - either email to: enquiries@camelotmedia.co.uk with CAPTIONCOMPETITION as the subject, or post in the comments box below (you may have to click on the green header above first) We'll announce the winner on the news blog in the near future!

Update: see below for latest captions!
caption from Julie Dean: "Yes, it's a new exhibit at the KACT Museum at Devizes: preserved dung, circa 1810, from the very first towing horse on the Kennet & Avon Canal"

Caption from Edward Ody:
And they really do stop radio presenters talking rubbish

Caption from Jill Adamson: "Harry, do you seriously think that your Nan's ashes, contained in this cake, will seal a leaking lock gate?"

Captions from Mike Phillips:
So when did you discover that the deepest sludge from the bottom of the canal could be used as low-cost icing on the cakes in the tea shop?
2. So you’ve found a new use for puddling clay?
3. So, the new BW initiative to generate income is based on these?
4. That’s amazing! You reckon that he energy from just one of these is enough to work the whole Caen Hill flight!
5. So each boater is going to be given one of these so they can grease the paddle gear as they work the locks?

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