Friday, 30 March 2012

Kennet & Avon Canal Trust appoints additional Vice Presidents

The Trustees of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust are delighted to announce that they have appointed three new Vice Presidents to the Trust, namely: Bill Fisher, Terry Kemp and John Webb.

Vice Presidents are Senior Members who not only represent the Trust and its members externally, but also provide a voice for the membership in discussions with the Trustees and Executive. Additionally, they are able to take on some of the following roles:

·Acting as advocates for the Trust


·Providing a visible presence, representing the Trust at events, both
within and outside the Trust’s own activities

·PR and public speaking

·Supporting the Branches in their operational roles.

To be considered for appointment, prospective Vice Presidents should meet at least one of the following conditions: they should have a high public profile, have an enhanced knowledge of the K&A, and have given long and distinguished service to the K&A.

In welcoming these new Vice Presidents, The Trust's President, David Bruce, says: “I am delighted to have such expert and well-respected Members to support me, especially in these very crucial times when the Trust has to work out its changing roles as British Waterways becomes the Canal and River Trust, which potentially will undertake some of the tasks which the K&A Canal Trust already performs. The future must lie in the two Trusts working in total harmony to the benefit of our wonderful waterway.”

In accepting his appointment, Bill Fisher comments: “I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity of becoming a Vice-President. I am delighted to accept. I became a member of the K&A Association and subsequently the K&A Trust when I left school. Consequently, I have had the good fortune to have had hands-on involvement from the canal's moribund state to the present. This has been a family affair for me; through this period I have gained one wife, two daughters, two sons-in-law and a granddaughter, and many family friends who have been an enormous support throughout this time. There is still much to be done to enhance the waterway. I look forward to working to these ends with the Trust as a trustee and a vice president. I owe much to the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust.”

Terry Kemp notes: “'Little did I know when I moved from South London to Wiltshire some 34 years ago that I would be rubbing shoulders with so many people I admired and respected. They too were (and some still are) Vice Presidents, so to be joining their ranks makes me very proud. I have always wanted to be more of a player rather than a spectator and it was because of this that I have been around at and been part of some special moments in the waterway's more recent history. I have met Royalty, collected significant tourism prizes on behalf of the waterway, almost died competing in Boto-X on the Devizes Lock Flight, and written more business plans and funding applications than I can remember. Indeed I bore my family and friends continually with stories of people and happenings on our canal. That is only possible because of the friendship and community that is the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust and its supporters. Thanks.”

John Webb comments: “I feel somewhat humble to have been offered the unexpected honour of becoming one of the Trust’s Vice Presidents, especially when I see the list of those already holding this honour and knowing what they have achieved. I am also very conscious that what I have managed to do to date has only been possible because of the wonderful band of people who collectively are in fact the Trust. Their support and friendship has been tremendous and I have learnt so much from them. I very much look forward to doing all that I can on their behalf so as to continue to help the Trust move forward, and this includes the commitment of working with the new Charitable Trust and recognising the difficult financial times which we are experiencing, so as to help fulfil its objectives for our wonderful waterway. I do hope people will not mind my using this last word rather than “canal” but the K&A Navigation does of course extend to Hanham! “

We are fortunate indeed to have the support and expertise of people such as these.

Mike Rodd

Chairman of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust Council

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