Saturday, 26 November 2011

Record Crowds at the Devizes Lantern Parade

Record crowds attended the Devizes Lantern Parade on Friday November 25. The procession weaved its way towards the Devizes wharf K&ACT building where the Mayor of Devizes addressed the crowd, along with a special visit from Santa.
A huge thank you goes out to Sandra and Becky Wells and all the K&ACT volunteers for the organisation of this magical event.

Above: one of the largest lanterns on display

Above:the Mayor of Devizes

Above:crowds gather around the K&ACT building

Above: the wharf packed with lanterns

Above: Santa addresses the crowd

Above:the crowds move back towards the town centre

Above: the Kenavon Venture illuminates the wharf

Above: Santa and his jester wave from the grotto

Above: Ellie May Fry visits Santa

Above: the Avon Vale decorated in colourful lights

Above: the K&ACT HQ building ready for Christmas

Above: the Kenavon Venture

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