Monday, 11 October 2010

Can you handle the Media?

Can you handle the media?

Do the words spin, copy, embargo and multi-channel comms mean anything to you?

The Kennet and Avon Canal Trust [KACT] is seeking to recruit a professional to manage publicity, news and information emanating from and relating to the Kennet and Avon Canal throughout its 87-miles length from Bristol to Reading.

The KACT has five objectives:

· support and increase Trust membership, canal volunteering and canal community networking

· protect, maintain and enhance the waterway through positive involvement and partnership with the canal management, local government and others

· protect and enhance the waterway through fund raising, campaigning, funding and resource provision

· protect, enhance and promote the waterway and its story through the Trust museum, pumping stations, shops, boats and branch networks

· raise awareness of the canal and its potential.

You can see that each one of these objectives carries opportunities to create publicity, news and information. In addition, the internal communication needs of the KACT and its thousands of members and its different geographical branches have to be satisfied with timely and concise news, publicity and information services.

Here’s the catch. We’re looking for an unpaid volunteer to join us. While you won’t get paid and there may limited expenses available to support the activities you would need to undertake, you would be joining a fantastic organisation with many rewarding activities, people, infrastructure and events including historic buildings, boats and working steam machinery.

In time, you may be invited to become either a trustee of the KACT charity or a company director of its commercial arm, or even both – but you still won’t get paid for these honours.

Are you an information and news professional who has time on their hands or could devote some of their time to the KACT? With respect we don’t want a well-minded amateur to take on this role, it needs someone with the professional and political savvy needed to navigate the sometimes murky and turbulent waters of news and information management in a high profile and diverse organisation concerned with history, conservation, leisure activities and many, many other facets of its work.

If you are interested in this opportunity would you please send us an up to date CV to before 30th October 2010.

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